Upcoming Events HS2016

Three main events are planned for the 2016 autumn semester, more might be added. Diarize the following ASST-highlights!

General Assembly and Semester Start Apero, 2 November 2016
On Tuesday, 2 November 2016, the general assembly of the ASST will take place in the GESS lounge on the E floor of the IFW building, where you can elect the new board of the ASST, representatives for DGESS-studies, and delegates for the department conference. Afterwards, you can join us for an apero! (We will prepare some homemade dishes and would kindly ask you to bring some salads or cakes or whatever you like, as well. Beer, wine, and softdrinks will be available.)


ASST goes to the cinema!, 22 November 2016
On Tuesday, 22 November 2016, we will watch Karl Markovics’ movie “Atmen” (D/e) at filmstelleHartwig Wiedebach will give us a short introduction to the topic. Join us for the event, a free apero and free drinks!

ASST goes to the theatre!, 2 December 2016
On Friday, 2 December 2016, we will see the premiere of Kafka`s “Die Verwandlung” at Schauspielhaus/Pfauen. The event is initiated by GessWho! Tickets will be available soon.

ASST Christmas Party, 20 December 2016
On Tuesday, 20 December 2016, we will celebrate the end of the semester in the GESS lounge (IFW building). As usual, an apéro, cold and warm drinks, and the legendary Pub Quiz will be provided. Join us and find out who has the best “general knowledge”!

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