Upcoming Events

On Tuesday, October 31st, 18:00 in Room IFW E42 (on the e-floor of the IFW-building) the Association of Scientific Staff (ASST) will hold this year’s scientific staff general assembly which concerns all doctoral students, postdocs, and senior researchers at the DGESS, with an ensuing (ca. 18:20) Semester Apéro in the GESS Lounge on the E-Floor (just opposite the GESS Bar) for which we also invite all of you to hang out together and enjoy the provided nice food and drinks!

Join us there to meet and hang out with old and new colleagues from DGESS!

poster 2016

We are happy to announce that representative positions for the scientific staff at DGESS became available!

Joining our team brings a lot of fun, meeting and cooperating with new people from all around ETH, insight into departmental politics at the DGESS and the ETH, and various activities that you can choose from.

If you are interested in joining us, be advised that being part of our board…

…can involve any tasks that you are interested in (e.g., political affairs, social affairs, financial administration, website administration,…)

…does not necessarily mean a lot of time investment (we can adapt our activities to personal workload and interests)

…brings a lot of fun and interesting experiences!

Anyone from future doctoral students to experienced postdocs is welcome!

If you are interested in department or ETH politics, meeting colleagues and nice new people, planning social, cultural, or academic events, or becoming active in teaching commissions, we have the following options for you:

  • Board Member of the Association of Scientific Staff (ASST), the representative association for all doctoral students, postdocs, and senior researchers at DGESS.
  • Representative in the DGESS Department Conference, the highest body of the department which has meetings twice a semester.
  • Representative in teaching commissions for studies offered at DGESS.

In case you are interested or would like further information, please write us an email. We are looking forward to hear from you!


Past Events


ASST Christmas Party, 20 December 2016

On Tuesday, December 20, starting 6pm in the GESS lounge (IFW building, E-floor), we will have this year’s ASST Christmas Party for the DGESS Scientific Staff!

Join us for food, hot and cold drinks, chatting with old and new colleagues from DGESS, and the legendary ASST PubQuiz!

We hope to see many of you there!



General Assembly and Semester Start Apero, 11 October 2016
On Tuesday, 11 October 2016, the general assembly of the ASST will take place at 18:30 in the GESS Lounge at the E floor of the IFW building, where you can elect the new board of the ASST, representatives for DGESS-studies, and delegates for the department conference. Afterwards, you can join us for an apero! (We will prepare some homemade dishes and would kindly ask you to bring some salads or cakes or whatever you like, as well. Beer, wine and softdrinks will be available.)



ASST goes to the cinema!, 22 November 2016
On Tuesday, 22 November 2016, we will watch Kurt Markovics’ movie “Atmen” (D/e) at filmstelle. Hartwig Wiedebach will give us a short introduction to the topic. Join us for the event, a free apero and free drinks!


ASST goes to the theatre!, 2 December 2016
On Friday, 2 December 2016, we will see the premiere of Kafka`s “Die Verwandlung” at Schauspielhaus/Pfauen. The event is initiated by GessWho! Tickets will be available soon.

ASST Christmas Party, 20 December 2016
On Tuesday, 20 December 2016, we will celebrate the end of the semester in the GESS lounge (IFW building). As usual, an apero, cold and warm drinks, and the legendary Pub Quiz will be provided. Join us and find out who has the best “general knowledge”!


ASST went to the theatre!, 11 April 2016

ASST went to the cinema!, 19 April 2016

ASST Barbecue 2015, 28 May 2015
After going through some rainy days, we had 2015’s sunny ASST BBQ on Thursday, May 28th 2015!
We met on the roof terrace of the IFW building.
The weather was perfect for some chilled (but not chilly) hours on the roof terrace at the E level of the IFW building.
Many people joined to enjoy hot food and cold drinks, chatting with some old and new colleagues from DGESS.

ASST Semester Start Apero, 25 February 2015
On Thursday, February 26 2015, starting at 18:00 in the GESS-lounge (IFW-building, E-floor) we had this term’s ASST Semester Start Apero.
Dotoral students and post docs from DGESS met to enjoy classical apéro food and home-made tira mi sù.

ASST Christmas Party, 2 December 2014
On Tuesday December 2nd in the GESS lounge at the IFW building we had the 2014 ASST Christmas Party. We provided an Apero, cold and warm drinks, and the legendary Pub Quiz. Participants had to answer horribly difficult questions about science and life to win their first Christmas gifts this year and to extend their intellectual horizon about issues such as spending money properly, landlocked countries on the other side of the globe, and other topics of major interest.

Workshop on Graphics in R, 26 October 2014
On Wednesday, 26 November, from 17:00-19:00 in room IFW E42 the ASST provided a workshop on producing graphics in the free statistics software R, using the powerful and flexible package ggplot2.

Coffee & Gipfeli, 31 October 2014
Also this year we continue the AVETH tradition to offer free coffee and gipfeli for breakfast. PhD students from GESS and other departments are welcome to meet for a casual chat at GESS Lounge (vis-à-vis GESS Bar) from 9am to 10am. The Coffee & Gipfeli took place on 31 October.

General Assembly and Semester Start Apero, 25 September 2014
On Thursday, 25 September 2014, the general assembly of the ASST took place in the IFW building. The new board of the ASST, representatives for DGESS-studies, and delegates for the department conference were being voted on. Afterwards, an apero with oriental delights was held on the E-floor and, due to the returning nice weather, on the terrace.

ASST Summer Barbecue ’14, 3 June 2014
On Tuesday, 3 June 2014, the annual ASST Spring Barbecue took place at the usual location – on the terrace of the IFW building. The weather treated us nicely and many people from D-GESS and affiliated institutions met there to enjoy the evening together.

Semester Start & Alumni Apero, 26 February 2014
In cooperation with the Alumni-network we had the semester start Apero on February 26th, at 18.30h at the GESSbar in the IFW-bilding.

Christmas Party & Pub Quiz, 17 December 2013
Our Christmas Party for 2013 was held on December 17, 2013, at 6pm in the GESS-Lounge. Members from the scientific staff of D-GESS joined us for glühwein and Christmas cookies. Due to its popularity last year, we will had a pub quiz again with loads of interesting and funny facts, as well as some nice prices for the best participating teams.

Information event on “Open Access and new forms of publishing in Economics, Social Sciences and the Humanities”
This information session was held jointly with the scientific staff organization at D-MTEC and the ETH library. The slides of the presentaton are available here.

General Assembly and Semester Start Apero, 25 September 2013
On 25 September we want to begin the new semester with our Semestar Start Apero at 6pm. If the weather holds, we might be able to have a BBQ.
At 5.30pm, so right before the Apero starts, we will have our General Assembly.

Workshop on Public and Media Relations for Scientists, 3 May 2013
Have you ever wondered how to best communicate your research to a general audience beyond academia? Would you like to publicize relevant aspects of your work in a general newspaper, magazine, or a blog? Then you should register for our Workshop on Public and Media Relations for Scientists on 3 May 2013, organized jointly by the Association of Scientific Staff at D-GESS and ETH Corporate Communications.

Semester Start Apéro, 7 March 2013
Our traditional semester start apéro took place on 7 March at the GESS Lounge.

Coffee & Gipfeli, 13 February 2013
We will continue the AVETH tradition to offer free coffee and gipfeli for breakfast regularly. Twice each semester PhD students from GESS and other departments are welcome to meet for a casual chat at GESS Lounge (vis-à-vis GESS Bar) from 9am to 10am. The first Coffee & Gipfeli took place on 13 February. The next one will probably be early in the fall semester 2013.

New Year Apéro, 15 January 2013, 5pm
The Association of Scientific Staff invited all D-GESS members to a New Year Apéro on Tuesday, January 15th, from 5 to 7pm in the GESS Lounge. Many doctoral students and postdocs enjoyed this great opportunity to have some sparkling wine and welcome everyone back to Zurich.

Christmas Party & Pub Quiz, 12 December 2012
On December 12, 2012, the traditional ASST Christmas Party took place, this time at the GESS-Lounge. Besides Christmas cookies, glühwein, and the usual great atmosphere for chatting and socializing, the main attraction was our first Pub Quiz, prepared and presented by our board members Joschka Gerigk and Bianca Oehl. The team of Wilhelm Mirow (Security Studies) and Florian Weiler (Global Governance) was most successful in answering even the quirkiest questions and took home the movie vouchers that were the prize.
The ASST board wishes all D-GESS members merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Semester Start Apéro & General Assembly with Elections, 16 October 2012
On Tuesday, October 16, ASST celebrated the beginning of the new semester for all scientific staff at the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences with an apéro at the GESS Lounge. We were happy to welcome several new PhD students and Postdocs at D-GESS. We thank all members of the scientific community who have made this event so enjoyable, and wish the newcomers a good start at D-GESS.
In the general assembly before the apéro the ASST members elected a new board. The new president and vice-president are Robert Gampfer and Bianca Oehl (both International Relations). Joschka Gerigk (Economics) is the new treasurer, and Simone Günther (Global Governance) the new secretary. She shares this position with Carola Betzold, who is currently on a research stay in the US. The scientific staff representatives in the various GESS committees were re- or newly elected as well.

Workshop on Funding Opportunities for Researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences, 11 September 2012
In cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Decisions (IED), ASST organized a workshop on funding opportunities for PhDs and PostDocs in the field of Humanities and Social sciences. The half-day workshop took place on Tuesday, September 11 2012 from 2pm to 5pm, and was tailored to IED-, GESS- and MTEC-researchers looking for project funding in their respective fields.
Representatives of Euresearch, ETH-Fellowships, Branco-Weiss Fellowships, Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW) and Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS) presented the respective organization’s programs and opportunities for short- and long-term research funding. After the presentations, there was the opportunity for individual conversations with the organizational representatives. Both workshop participants and representatives of the funding organizations concluded that the workshop was really helpful and that similar events should be organized in the future.

ASST Summer BBQ, July 10 2012
It was great to have you at our ASST Summer BBQ!
The BBQ took place on Tuesday, 10 July at 18pm on the terrace (IFW building).
Food and drinks were provided by ASST.
The lucky winners of the ASST Euro Championship Betting Game received their prizes at the occasion of the BBQ.

LaTeX Workshop, 11 May 2012
The LaTeX workshop, which took place on Friday, May 11, 2012, provided a general introduction to the LaTeX programme, and some tips and tricks for using LaTeX
in presentations. 8 students, both Master and PhD, who partly had some experience with LaTeX, partly were complete beginners, participated in the workshop. The workshop was very helpful, according to the participants, who would be happy about a follow-up more advanced workshop.

Coffee & Gipfeli, 2 May 2012
The traditional get-together of all ETH PhD students, post docs and other scientific staff every first Wednesday morning was hosted again by ASST-GESS on May 2nd 2012 . We offered free coffee and gipfeli at GESS Lounge (vis-à-vis GESS Bar) from 9am to 10am and enjoyed welcoming ETH PhD students from GESS and other departments.

Semester Start Apéro, 7 March 2012
On Wednesday, March 7, ASST celebrated the beginning of the new semester for all scientific staff at the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences with a tasty Swiss Raclette reception and a lottery with equally tasty prizes. The winners of the restaurant vouchers were Jana Tschurenev (Chair: History of the Modern World), Francesco Spöring (History of the Modern World) and Markus Ohndorf (Economics). We thank all members of the scientific community who have made this event so enjoyable and wish everyone at D-GESS a successful start into the new semester.

Feuerzangenbowle, 24 November 2011
The Feuerzangenbowle event ASST was a great opportunity for getting in touch with other GESS researchers in a casual setting. As winter was approaching, we offered “Feuerzangenbowle” as a special drink, and watched the famous old German movie of the same name.

Semester Start Apéro & First Official Elections, 12 October 2011
ASST, the new D-GESS association of scientific staff, organised a start of the semester apéro on October 12 in the IFW lounge. Before the apéro, we also held a regular ASST meeting, where the ASST board and committee representatives were elected (see the people section of this website).

Inaugural Event of the Association of Scientific Staff (ASST) at D-GESS, 1 June 2011
The official inaugural event of the ASST took place on Wednesday, June 1st 2011. All members of the scientific staff, including PhDs, post-doctoral researchers and senior researchers were invited to attend. Around 20 to 25 researchers from different disciplines such as international relations, security studies, economics, and psychology followed our invitation.
The official part started with the voting on the ASST constitution as well as the nomination of the interim-president and the other interim-positions. The constitution was approved by all the participants. The interim positions were approved as follows:
– Alrik Thiem: President
– Tina Freyburg: Vice-president
– Robert Gampfer: Treasurer
– Carola Betzold: Secretary
We also discussed possible future activities of the ASST and agreed to organize a semester opening event twice a year. The opening events will offer a platform for internal votings and elections. Yet, above all, they will be an opportunity to meet fellow researchers and to welcome new staff at the D-GESS.
Furthermore, the launch of workshops on topics of common interest to all GESS researchers was brought up. The first idea was to organize a workshop on funding opportunities for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers – with a focus on alternatives to SNF funding.
Finally, the more relaxing part of the inaugural event was held at the IFW Lounge: the apéro! It served as a get-to-know event for the – both geographically and in terms of research expertise – widely dispersed GESS researchers.
We will seek to successfully follow up on this inaugural event and hope that many of you will join the semester opening in fall 2011!
» report on the inaugural event in ETH Life print