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Scientific Staff at D-GESS: Standard types of employment and guide for supervision
This brochure summarizes the guidelines for the employment of scientific staff at D-GESS according to Appendix 2 of the Ordinance on Scientific Staff at ETH Zurich (SR 172.220.113; subsequently Ordinance on Scientific Staff)1 as well as for the supervision of scientific staff at D- GESS. Should uncertainties arise, scientific staff is asked to contact either the staff manager at D- GESS or the Association of Scientific Staff at D-GESS (ASST).

The AVETH Survival Guide
The AVETH Survival Guide is designed to help (prospective) doctoral students discover the objectives, possibilities and consequences of being an ETH Zurich employee, researcher and teaching assistant. It will provide you with a lot of information about ETH Zurich and your doctoral thesis, but also offer practical hints and tips about living in Zurich.


DGESS Doctorate and PostDoc regulations?

The scientific staff at DGESS is often wondering about unclarities in regulations and where to find regulations for doctoral studies and employment conditions for all scientific staff members.

Following, we provide an overview of relevant official regulations at DGESS.

DGESS Doctorate and PostDoc regulations:
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and have a look here:
DGESS-specific regulations for doctoral students and postdocs
Information Sheet for Doctorates at DGESS (including regulations for cumulative theses)
and find these and all further DGESS specific doctorate regulations here!